Ha!  From Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! to SuperF*ckers?!  My god.

Also… after working in comics… a medium that is basically just one dude or dudette sitting alone at a drawing table… it is bizarre and wonderful to have whole teams of people working to make my vision come to life.


Barry and Delna are the MotherF*ckers!

Frederator had a great experience working with Bardel Entertainment on the animation of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! a few years ago, so I thought I’d blow co-owner Barry Ward’s mind when I showed him the SuperF*ckers comics at KidScreen. Hippie that he is Barry went crazy for it and immediately asked to be involved. His partner, Delna Bhesania, quickly agreed, and we’re proud —once again— to have sullied the reputations of all that have ever touched a project of ours.

Barry recently sent over some photos of them setting up a satellite studio a few hours away in British Columbia, so I thought I share them and Barry’s blurb about the move.


From Barry Ward, Bardel Entertainment: 

Last week I drove up to Kalowna BC to deliver some more cintiqs and computers and to help move into our new satellite studio. It’s an easy 4 hour drive from Vancouver but the new highway through the mountains makes it very tempting to speed. I only got one ticket but it was 200 bucks for going 150 in a 110 zone. I didn’t think my Toyota could go 150.

For the last 6 months we’ve been working out of a windowless bunker in a high security tech company. You had to show passes and go through security checks just to go to the bathroom. It was fine to get started in and I appreciate all the support that we received while we were there, but the move was inevitable.

The new studio space has windows and just the right amount of light. It’s located in the downtown core close to all the restaurants and two blocks from the beach and a large public park. The building is designed as small business incubator, set up for start up companies who are involved in media and technology. The atmosphere is creative and open with lots of opportunity to network. This is definitely a suitable home for Super F*ckers.

Look forward to seeing if I’m on the right track with what you’re looking for from us. I wish I could write funnier material. I talk pretty funny.

(via superf-ckers)