Please Vote! You Can’t Do That On Television!  

We’re trying to get an online animation panel going at the South by Southwest (SXSW) and we need you to cast a vote here.


Three of the most successful animation producers in TV have moved their primary base of operations online. What gives? 

The Internet has changed the landscape for animation creators forever, giving them opportunities to create content above & beyond the standard kid’s-channel programming they’ve been working with for decades. In 2012 YouTube funded 3 animation channels -Cartoon Hangover, Mondo Media, & Shut Up! Cartoons- through their partner program; of course, they’re expected to launch with exceptional success. They are also all edgy, adult-oriented channels doing animation in ways that has never occurred to traditional media. Why are they doing all this crazy stuff? 

Our ideal panelists -John Evershed of Mondo Media, Barry Blumberg of [Smosh and] Shut Up! Cartoons, & Fred Seibert of Cartoon Hangover- are the leads behind these 3 channels. Each has been in the cartoon & new media industries in a variety of aspects & seen huge changes in how they approach their business making for a great panel

Questions Answered

  1. What do you think that your channels offer that traditional or broadcast media never has or cannot?
  2. How do you define “success” for a YouTube channel?
  3. You’ve all had great success with animation on TV. Why YouTube?
  4. What frightened you the most about putting pen to paper and signing a partner deal?
  5. Have you approached your content any differently than you did before this project?

(via superf-ckers)