Was it Fran?  I thought it was Manny Hernandez.


What the heck is going on here?

These are ‘redlines’. Basically, this is an early version of Fran Krause’s stab at drawing some of the SuperF*ckers based off of the comic books. Then, James Kochalka took Fran’s drawings and pointed out some important features that make the SuperF*ckers really look like the f*ckers they are.

You’d be surprised at how important small features can be - like where on the head someone’s ears are, or which direction Grotus’s icky bumps go, or even how much it can change Super Dan if his hairline isn’t quite right (he just wouldn’t be as super).

Most interesting to me though is how smoothly these two great artist were able to combine their unique styles and sensibilities together to bring you the SuperF*ckers you know and love today! 


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